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MASA Medical Transport Solutions - https://www.masamts.com/   (See Note Below)

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**Note: TVFD and Bandera County EMS strongly recommend all who live within or frequent our area purchase a membership with a company that can help offset the tremendous expense of air medical transport. The cost of these memberships is minimal compared with the cost of helicopter transport which runs on the order of $50,000 - $60,000 from the Tarpley area.

There are now four air medical providers in our region. Buying individual memberships with the separate companies adds up and is confusing to manage. MASA has been around a long time. They now offer the ultimate solution in that they are independent. Regardless of who transports you to the hospital, they will pay the cost (remaining after your insurance pays what they will pay) of any emergency transport by helicopter and ground ambulance. You should contact MASA directly for answers to your questions regarding the services they provide and to get all of the details.

Air Medical transport is becoming the standard of care NATION WIDE for persons experiencing life-threatening or potentially debilitating traumatic injuries or medical emergencies where the time to reach definitive care is critical! Don't let one trip to the hospital devastate you financially.

The need for helicopter transport is determined by EMS or TVFD personnel and is based upon many factors. We make our decision with the best interest of the patient in mind.