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  • Have your property clearly marked with a 911 address at the end of your road.
  • 911 address should be at least 3" numerals clearly visible from the road.
  • If you have multiple entrances to your property, have the main gate/road clearly marked.
  • If you do not know your 911 address, call Bandera County Rural Addressing at 830-796-8343.
  • If you have a lock or security code for your gate, advise Bandera Dispatch at 830-796-3771.
  • Keep primary roads that emergency vehicles will use clear 12' across and clear of limbs 12' up.
  • We would rather you call 911 and then cancel us, than have you wait until any situation worsens.


  • Remove or cut back dry, unhealthy vegetation within 250ft of your residence.
  • Advise Bandera County dispatch before you light a trash or brush fire. Call them at 830-796-3771.
  • If you live in Medina County, contact dispatch at 830-741-6150.
  • No fires during BURN BAN or RED FLAG days. Dispatch will advise you when you call in.
  • Be aware of tomorrow's weather. Today's calm conditions can be replaced by windy, hot, dry ones.
  • Have water available.
  • Extinguish all outdoor fires before you leave your property.
  • Have smoke alarms in your home and maintain them regularly.
  • Have working Type ABC fire extinguishers in your home and garage.
  • Have a plan for you and your family should you have a fire in your home.
  • Know routes of egress from your property/neighborhood should evacuation be necessary.
  • If you know of a fire, DIAL 911 right away. Don't delay!


  • Be acutely aware of flooding conditions.
  • Call Bandera Dispatch at 830-796-3771 for information about local road closures.
  • A road that's open now may be impassable in 5 minutes.
  • DO NOT cross swift water moving across a low water crossing. TURN AROUND, DON'T DROWN.
  • Floodwaters typically rise quickly and can withdraw quickly. Stay put and wait it out.
  • Know the low water points of the primary roads you travel, and the alternative roads as well.
  • If you get trapped in your vehicle in floodwaters, try to get to the highest point and wait for help.


  • DIAL 911 for medical assistance quickly. It takes a while for help to arrive.
  • Don't try to meet an ambulance or TVFD Emergency Medical Responders. Call 911 then sit tight.
  • If you have mobility issues, consider a remote notification device to call for help.
  • Maintain an adequate first aid kit.
  • If you suffer from severe allergic reactions, get a prescription for an Epipen. They save lives.
  • Get certified in CPR. Classes are held frequently.

TVFD is proud to support the Tarpley Community Center. Use the Contact form to start a dialogue about how to reserve this precious piece of history for your event.

  • Recently updated
  • Spacious
  • Full kitchen
  • Central heat and AC
  • Two bathrooms
  • Handicap accessible
  • Adjacent beautiful park with pavilion and enclosed restrooms
  • Ample parking