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                                                                                      Fire Suppression

TVFD operates 4492, 4493, and 4494 out of the main Tarpley station. 4492 is our newest addition. It is a large brush truck, but also has structure firefighting and rescue capability. 4493 is a small brush truck and medical first response truck. 4494 is our 1500 gallon water tender. In Rio Hondo, we operate small brush truck 4490. All brush trucks have 4WD capability.

Emergency Medical Responder

TVFD works in conjunction with Bandera County EMS to provide aid to those who are sick or injured in our response area. We presently have 3 personnel who are certified: two are EMT-Basic, one is EMT-Paramedic. TVFD will treat the patient until Bandera County EMS arrives to transport the patient to the hospital. In some cases, patients with life-threatening illness or injury will be flown by helicopter to San Antonio.

TVFD uses 4493 at our Tarpley Main Station as a medical first response unit. In addition to firefighting capability, it carries an AED, Oxygen, bandaging/splinting supplies, immobilization equipment, and Epipens. Similar equipment and a second AED are on the Rio Hondo truck at the west end of our response area. We are CPR trained.

TVFD is licensed to practice as a medical First Responder Organization under the Texas Department of State Health Services. Our license number is #800577.

                                                                   Vehicle Rescue/Extrication

TVFD has a team that is certified as vehicle extrication technicians. There are only two highways (FM 470 & FM 462) that cross our response area. But accidents occur anywhere on the curves, hills, and unpaved roads in the Tarpley Valley. Accidents also involve ATVs and tractors necessitating rescue in a rugged and/or remote environment. With the ever-changing construction and features of newer vehicles - electric cars, multiple airbags, crushproof compartments, roll cages - TVFD strives to keep its personnel trained, and its equipment set up to date.

Vertical Rescue

You like hills, we've got hills. TVFD has a team that is certified as Vertical Rescue Technicians. While training is paramount, having the right cache of technical rescue gear is required to get the job done safely. TVFD is frequently called to assist other agencies with high-angle rescues at Garner State Park, Lost Maples State Park, the Hill Country State Natural Area, as well as rescues within our own response area. Not only do we train, we put the training to good use with our neighboring departments with similar skill sets. In 2012, TVFD assisted in 8 such rescues.

                                                                                   Swiftwater Rescue

The flip side of hills are valleys, creeks, and streams. While Tarpley is in a generally arid region in Central Texas, our weather can be tempermental, fueled by the occasional hurricane. TVFD has a team that is certified Swiftwater Rescue Technicians. We compliment other qualified personnel in surrounding departments to cooperate in wet-weather rescues when the region is split by floodwaters into many smaller, isolated areas.

Prescribed Burns

One of the greatest offensive tools firefighters have in fire prevention is prescribed agricultural burning. These burns are carried out by trained individuals, under very specific weather conditions, with adequate personnel and equipment to keep matters from getting out of hand.

You can request our assistance if you want to burn dangerous, volatile overgrowth on your property. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer. We appreciated a donation for this service.